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JIMMY is ten years old and obsessed with 80s action movies. He lives in Buttburgher with his mum, who reckons he's ‘unconventionally handsome’. He’s a glass half full dude. No matter what life throws at him, he always sees the positive. Which is lucky, coz life throws a fair bit Jimmy’s way in this dang Z-Cow Apocalypse. He’s smart, funny, super adventurous and loves having sleepovers with his besties, Daisy and Hooey. His fav food is Mum’s lasagne. Even when it’s burnt!

Jimmy Zombie Diaries


DAISY is ten years old and is so smart it hurts your brain. She’s Jimmy’s best bud, and lives around the corner from him. She spends every waking moment hanging with Jimmy and Hooey. Prior to the whole Z-Cow Apocalypse, Daisy led a pretty normal life… She knows she’s super-smart and one day, she’d love to do put her over-sized brain to good use and do something sweet for the world!  Daisy’s fav food is Cheeze Puffs! She LOVES them!

Daisy Zombie Diaries


HOOEY is ten years old and fitness obsessed to the max. He’s a black belt in karate, loves anything action based, and is the first to say ‘yes’ to adventure. His parents are mega rich from their electronics shop Bing Hoo. He doesn’t see them that much cos they’re always  working, so he spends lots of time with his older sister Bobby, who is kinda blunt to him, but deep down he knows she loves him. Hooey loves his Grandad’s Laksa - it’s a secret recipe. He hopes one day he gets it.

Hooey Zombie Diaries


BOBBY is Hooey’s thirteen year old big sister. She’s in her first year of high school and thinks it’s a waste of time coz she's already figured out what she wants to do when she’s older - be a band photographer that tours the world. She’s a lone wolf who thinks Hooey and his buds are el lamo, but deep down... they're ‘fine I guess,’ and she's super protective of her baby bro. She’d just never tell them that. Her fav food is Chicken Caesar Salad, extra anchovies, extra chicken, dressing on the side, green lettuce tips only.

Bobby Zombie Diaries


BEAR is Jimmy's ultra massive Newfoundland Pooch. He is bigger than most kids, is droolier than a fire hose, and loves the massive amounts of affection he gets from Jimmy and his Mum. When Jimmy’s Dad left, Bear was bought as a gift to bring joy to the fam-bam and boy did it work! Bear likes Dog-Yoga, short walks, the couch, 80s Action Movies, peanut butter, and is mega loyal to Jimmy.



SVEN is an eleven year old school bully who pretends he loves nothing more than dunking peoples heads in toilets but deep down he is a big old sad face who wants friends and hugs. He’s got bully buds, but they’re nothing like what Jimmy, Daisy and Hooey have, and that’s what Sven secretly wants. He lives with his Grandma. His parents live in Sweden, are ski instructors and plan to open a high-altitude chocolate shop. He does a video call with them once a month. Sven’s fav food is Hot Chips with Vinegar.



Z-COW is short for Zombie Cow. They're just like your regular, mooing drooling cow, except these cows were once flippin' people! They love nothing more than eating grass, doing cow poops and... chasing humans to try and turn them into Z-Cows! If their drool gets on you, within seconds, you transform into one of them. Cure currently unknown... A Z-Cows favourite food is grass. Any type really.

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